Archive: December 2007

web of data

Web design 2.0 - it’s all about the resource and its URL. interesting accompanying graphic, too. via.

site-specific browser app

Fluid - site-specific browser for os x. leopard only, unfortunately. via (good comments there).

felted octopus

felted octopus knitting pattern. complicated, but cute! I was looking for octopus patterns after seeing these: knit octopus & squid.

knit pixels

space invaders image. for a knitting request.

since I have a Drupal job...

Drupal 6 RC1. This part makes me wince, though: "The faster 6.0 gets released, the faster we can all start adding fancy new features to Drupal 7.0!"

chumby beta control panel

Chumby Control Panel 2.6.49 (beta) release notes. yay! internet radio on the chumby makes it 4x as cool.

christmas tree

my mom and I built this christmas tree in her yard out of logs:


Just installed SVN; I had bad luck with the two .dmg installers I downloaded, but the compiled version in fink worked great. for reference: subversion book. (svn=subversion="version control")

update (12/17): useful today was the section on resolving conflicts after svn update.


This sentence contains all the letters in the English alphabet.

philadelphia tourist pic #2

peace! finally.

birthday list

My birthday is coming up on Tuesday the 18th; here is a list of things I would like:

  • your favorite word in a non-english language
  • video of something rhythmic around you
  • a nonsense song
  • an image of you with redeye
  • a drawing of your favorite vegetable
  • an away message to use when I'm walking the dog

I would be thrilled to get anything(s) from this list; email it to me with "birthday list" in the subject and I won't open them 'till Tuesday.

I did this last year and it was awesome-awesome-awesome; I can't really understate how wonderful peoples' gifts were. (last year's list)


Colloquy bug - can't add SILC connections. This was an obnoxious thing to run into today.

new app of the day

new to me, that is. KeePassX - secure storage for passwords on mac os x. I'm not a huge fan of Keychain, Apple's password storage app.

update: KeePassX is quite possibly not a great choice either; aside from the awkward interface, the password file doesn't time out.


Prism - browser for a single web app, Mozilla based. formerly "WebRunner". I found that toggl doesn't always work in it...

Google Charts

Google Chart API - quick charts, no developer key. via.

free fonts

font articles @ Smashing Magazine. selective links to free fonts, nicely reviewed & presented. usually sifting through free fonts is such a pain. via kb. I think this is my second link cribbed from that post.

encrypted chat on the mac

The only real option for encrypted chat on Mac OS X right now seems to be Adium. The current version is Adium 1.1.4, which supports only one form of encryption, "Off The Record" (OTR), unless there is some plugin I'm overlooking. The upcoming version (2) of Adium will use libpurple, which is behind Pidgin (formerly known as Gaim); possibly this shared code will help make more encryption options available.

I've also seen that iChat supports encryption, but only between .Mac subscribers.

new job!

as of this morning, I'm working for the Chicago Technology Cooperative.


making easy fun of Pageflakes (some random web startup). via

script for PNG transparency

fixing IE 6 png transparency with javascript - a script to flexibly apply the alphaimageloader 'filter' css property to PNGs in IE 6-. via lots of places.

sending bulk email

html email & avoiding spam bins. via lots of places.

evite alternatives

evite alternatives: next time I hear someone [my dad] talking about sending out the 'evites' I'll suggest one of these. goovite seems to be the straightforward/least flashy, but it'd be nice if it had an FAQ or example invite.


Datejs. a javascript date library. uses some clever method chaining. via.

"Two Week Salad"

Grate or finely chop 1/2 large head cabbage and 1 small onion together. Place in a large bowl.

Boil together 1/3 c vinegar, 1/3 c vegetable oil, 1/2 c sugar, 1/2 tsp salt. Be sure that the chopped cabbage and onion are well mixed. Pour the boiling hot dressing over the vegetable mixture. Now, don't touch it. Just leave it as it is for 1 1/2 hours, before mixing or tossing together.

Now mix and store in a covered container at least 12 hours before serving.

Jen made this with purple cabbage, and I made it with white cabbage, and it's delicious. Works well with 1/3 c sugar instead of 1/2. From Cooking Down East by Marjorie Standish.