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writer's strike

a little late on the uptake, but: useful chart of how the writers' strike affects some tv shows. except it doesn't mention Battlestar Galactica. I'm slightly annoyed with myself for even caring (at least Doctor Who shouldn't be affected...)

bic reviews

to-do list

goals for the night:

  • post-party wine (check!)
  • lounge by the fire (check!)
  • clean the kitchen

goals for the week:

  • pack for moving
  • walk the dog, frequently
  • go ice skating
  • fiddle with dad's banjo
  • dig out the sewing machine
  • clean my road bike and tune my mountain bike

whew! that's a lot to do in seven days. also I will be working.

Flickr: The Commons

Library of Congress photos on flickr: a joint project of flickr and the Library of Congress to make photos with "no known copyright restrictions" more available (more metadata, more exposure, etc.) via.

word: simulacra

meaning a likeness (or something). "Simulacra" is used in every 'braincase' post on the Skull A Day blog, so I've come to think of it as a thing/image that unintentionally suggests a skull.

p.s. this butternut squash skull is one of my favorites so far.

sea chanteys

There's a monthly chantey sing at the MIT Museum in Cambridge.

recent reading

  • Yahoo!, Flickr, OpenID and Identity Projection
  • Tribe (on both the US's 2008 elections and tribalism's role in African politics).

    It's too easy to dismiss African political stories as the legacy of tribalism. Assuming that people will behave a certain way because of ancient hatreds, of in- and out-groups denies people political agency.

old time music

found this awesome old-time music compilation today: Miserable Music. It's 23 songs about horrible things from 1916-1941. Unfortunately, it's a RealPlayer playlist. Fortunately, the site also links to the Library of Congress' American Memory Collection. If you dig in, you can find a shit-ton of folk recordings.

macworld keynote next Tuesday

I'm looking forward to this: MacWorld 2008 keynote bingo.

summer scheming

I'm wondering if routes 113 and 114 in western Maine are any better for biking than route 25.

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