leopard gripes

Every time I upgrade to a new operating system I whine and complain about it for weeks. In the interest of protecting my friendships, I'm going to blog it this time. Here goes:

  • I basically can't use Spaces, because I, stupidly, configured my hands to use conflicting key combinations: (1) the only trigger keys it allows are function keys, and (2) the Space-switching trigger keys are the same as text word/line movement keys! WTF! (ctrl, option, or command plus arrow keys)
  • Spotlight is as useless than ever, because (1, still) it doesn't bother to index an unindexed folder when you try to search it (ls -R | grep 'ical' was more effective) (2, still) it doesn't bother to notify you when you're searching an unindexed folder and (3, new) it defaults to searching 'My Computer' rather than the current folder. A large part of my current Spotlight hate is due to the fact that it hasn't yet indexed the chunk of stuff I moved from my old HD to the new one.

I'm sure there will be more where this came from.