AppleScript 'dialects'

a commenter on this AppleScript history piece says:

... I do think it's a pity they didn't ship AS with both English and Programmer dialects. The English syntax is ideal for inferring the intent of a script, even without knowing the language, while the Programmer syntax's explicit, unambiguous semantics would have been better for understanding the actual mechanics. Users could then switch between the two on the fly to provide whichever view they find most appropriate at the time. ...

Applescript's 'English' makes me crazy every time I use it, I don't even necessarily agree that it is good for 'inferring the intent of a script', but the idea of having 'dialects' that you could just toggle between... that's pretty interesting/funny. (via)

p.s. applescript's 'programmer' dialect was developed but never part of shipped versions of applescript.