current book list

Books that I have started recently but have not finished, oldest to newest:

  • Feminism and Science Fiction, by Sarah Lefanu. This needs to be read with a good SF library at hand.
  • Skin, by Dorothy Allison.
  • Trampoline, a short story anthology edited by Kelly Link.
  • The Best American Short Stories, 2006, edited by Ann Patchett. I haven't gotten past the table of contents.
  • The Body in Pain, by Elaine Scarry.
  • Tin House, Vol. 9, #3: Off the Grid.
  • Learning Python, by Mark Lutz.
  • The SFWA European Hall of Fame, a scifi short story collection edited by James Morrow and Kathryn Morrow.

This stack is only seven inches high but feels overwhelming. I probably won't need any more books until at least July; I won't have finished the stack by then, only gotten more impatient with it.