Archive: June 2008

importing m3u playlists into iTunes

I haven't found a way to import m3u playlists into iTunes and have them come through in the correct order. This afternoon I wrote an AppleScript to do it for me. AppleScript makes me crazy--a PDF manual? "natural language"? seriously?

Anyway, this script:

  1. takes a .m3u playlist file that contains relative paths to the music in the playlist--generally, the playlist file will be in the same directory as the music--creates a playlist in iTunes, imports the tracks, and adds them to the new playlist.
  2. may be used by
    • drag-and-dropping m3u files on the script from the Finder
    • double clicking the script and then choosing a file
    • or putting this script in your "~/Library/iTunes/Scripts" folder (create it if it doesn't exist) and accessing it via iTunes' scripts menu.
  3. may be edited by you--open it with the Script Editor application that comes with Mac OS X (in /Applications/AppleScript)
  4. This script is provided without warranty! It is not necessarily well-implemented!

download: Import m3u Playlist into

Remind me to use something else the next time I feel compelled to do any application scripting.

fixing bikes

measure: how hard is it to misuse?

Eads pointed me to this ordered list of ways programming interfaces can suck.

homemade "plastic"

make plastic from milk. via nick and make.

retro terminal

GLTerminal: term that emulates screen curvature. hilarious.

growing sprouts

Jen recently inspired me to try to grow sprouts.

drupalcon presentation

In March two of my coworkers and I gave a presentation at DrupalCon Boston 2008; The video is (or will soon be) online at the Internet Archive: DrupalCon Boston 2008 - Drupal as a GIS/Mapping Platform.

word: halophyte

A salt-tolerant plant. New Zealand Spinach is a halophyte.

word: Hegelian

An 18th century philosopher named Hegel had the idea that you can evolve an idea into an absolute, perfect idea. You do this by taking a thesis and it's antithesis and finding another thesis that addresses both... rinse and repeat. This idea is called the "Hegelian Dialectic"; a diagram may be somewhat helpful.

Hegel also had other ideas... wikipedia, lazybones.

tiny laptops

Subnotebook roundup at Boing Boing Gadgets. Like the boingboing editors, I'm drooling over the MSI Wind.

rhubarb season

rhubarb crisp. I've read recipes with half the sugar.