New blog

On Sunday afternoon I looked at my list and saw “clean litterbox”, “put away laundry”, and “scan papers”... so I opened my laptop and made myself a new blog.

I’ve imported thousands (really) of posts from my old blog, and I would like to get back to that style—a mix of brief obsessions, answers to my own tech questions, and mini-projects—but with more Drupal. I have a few posts in mind elaborating on the process of building this, but I’ve already written about a few features of the new blog in the colophon.

A few notes on old posts: There is a lot of link rot. They never had comments, and are generally too old to warrant them anyway. Some posts may be missing images, embedded objects, code highlighting, or other formatting. If I notice, I’ll fix them.


hello ma'am i am your secret

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Anonymous (not verified)

hello ma'am
i am your secret internet fan

I wish I had the kind of time

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S cricket (not verified)

I wish I had the kind of time you have! Ha ha!

I've got nine cats! I can't afford to create a new blog when I see "Clean litter box". Ha ha!!

Sri Lanka cricket