This site is built with Drupal. It is running a custom theme and relies heavily on the Views module. The Feeds module was used to import content from my old blog.

The bug at the top of the page at comes from Old Book Illustrations; it is originally from the Dictionnaire encyclop├ędique Trousset, which was published around 1886 - 1891 and is now in the public domain.

The font I'm using for headers is called Goudy Bookletter 1911; it is in the public domain. For code blocks, I am using Deja Vu Sans, also freely licensed. If you're not using a recent version of Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or Opera, you aren't seeing these fonts, since they are included using the CSS3 @font-face property.

Syntax highlighting on code samples is done with Geshi (via the Geshi Filter Drupal module) and a custom stylesheet based on the styles for Geshi-parsed code found here and here.